Here’s my contribution to the ‘No Pain for the Gehm’ compilation to help out German acid producer Andreas Gehm to pay the medical bills.
Sadly, Andreas left us to be with the giant 303 in the sky.

RIP Andreas.

You can download the track for free now… :-/

The test pressings sound solid and the label put a teaser up: the release of ‘Utroid – The Movement EP’ is getting closer and closer!
Produced by yours truly, label photograph by my lovely wife and mastered by Rude 66 🙂


Finally finished a chore I didn’t look forward to: moving my website from my homebrew CMS to WordPress.
Programming is fun but keeping your own CMS following current standards (HTML, browser capabilities, Google and their site classifications) is almost a day job.
I hope this move to WordPress invites me of doing more updates and other stuff on the site.